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Mazda MX5 Miata NA NB Front Super Knuckles

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  • Fits all NA & NB models - direct bolt-on.
  • These are drop knuckles with 40mm drop creating roll centre correction which eliminates bump steer giving superb control and steering input (adjust coilovers to compensate).
  • Massive steering angle combined with the roll centre correction make fast, high-angle drifts precise and predictable - even for backwards entries!
  • No increase in weight over standard knuckles.
  • No ABS mounting points.
  • Use OEM ball joints.
  • Use OEM wheel bearings.
  • Return your stock knuckles (preferably fully stripped) for a £50 refund! Contact us for more information.


  • 1x Front left super knuckle.
  • 1x Front right super knuckle.


  • While these will technically bolt to factory LCAs - we highly recommend combining them with our high-clearance adjustable lower control arms to give enough wheel clearance.
  • To retain pre-install ride height adjust coilovers to compensate for the 40mm drop, otherwise your car will be lowered.
  • Don't forget to buy Extended Front Brake Lines - Available here!
  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.

Suggested Alignment:

  • Front:
    • Camber -5
    • Caster 5
    • Toe 0
  • Rear:
    • Camber 0
    • Toe 0
  • Rear toe-in will make for snappier transitions, while front toe-out can aid with turn-in.
  • However, our advice is to learn and experiment with different settings to suit the car, track and driving style.

Click HERE to see Project 380's fantastic fitting guide and familiarise yourself with the parts before yours arrive.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jaeden Silva
Amazing quality knuckles

Only praises for the Destroy or Die kit. Everything has immaculate condition and feels extremely sturdy. Gives a crazy amount of geometry adjust for all your angle needs. Definitely recommend upgrading your tie rods in the process as stock length needs either spacers or rod extensions to avoid an insane amount of toe-in if you're running an OEM rack.

Arthur Vanderpoel
Amazing quality

Very clean knuckles that are easy to install and give mad amounts of angle.

Stilian Trichkov

I know you have heard this a lot but damn, the Miata super knuckles are something else. I haven't felt such self steer and control before, lock to lock on full throttle with no hesitation.

Collin Basilius
Game Changer!

Only complaint is that previously i had my BCs dead even, even ride height, and after the knuckles the left side was quite a bit lower than the right. Had to jack the left side coilover all the way up(~1inch from out of the hole) and lower the right side to match and my 205s are still tucked inside the fenders. Other than that, angle and control is insane. I am running stock arms and with +0 15x8, the lowers did grind into the inside lip of the rims but no actual issues at the track whatsoever. Also BUY EXTENDED BRAKE LINES. Luckily i caught it a week before the event and they got them to me just in time!

Miles Duncan
Good quality

Excellent service. Good quality Destroy Or Die Front Super Knuckle