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What cars do you sell products for?
  • BMW (E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93)
  • Mazda (MX5 NA, NB, NC, RX8)
  • Nissan (S13, S14, S15)
  • Toyota/Lexus (IS200, IS300)
Do you do different powdercoat or fibreglass colours?
We currently only offer products with gloss black powdercoat and white gel coated fibreglass.

When will the Mazda MX5 NA NB Front Modified Knuckle be back in stock?
These require a supply of OEM knuckles to be made, so the stock levels depend on the availability of them and therefore, we cannot guarantee how often they will be restocked. However, our Superknuckles are almost always in stock and they give more steering angle and better feedback and control. They are more expensive but we offer Klarna 0% finance over 3 or 6 months.
    Will aftermarket brakes fit your knuckles?
    While we haven't tested every brake upgrade option available, any part designed to fit standard knuckles should, in theory, fit.

    I've crashed, can I buy a single control arm?
    Yes, we can create a custom order for you. Contact us and let us know if it is the left or right arm that needs replacing, based on sitting in the drivers seat.

    Why are some products not suitable for road use?
    Certain products are listed as 'not for road use' as they are not approved by the relevant government bodies, so we can only advertise them for use on private land.

    Why are fibreglass parts out of stock?
    Our fibreglass parts are made to order, with production usually taking 4 weeks (times can vary). Shipping costs vary day by day and are usually expensive. However if you would like a quote just contact us, making sure to include your full address.

    What bushes do I need to buy?
    • MX5 NA NB Rear Super Knuckles - 1x PFR36-112
    • MX5 NA NB Front Lower Control Arms - 1x PFF36-101 and 1x PFF36-102
    • MX5 NA NB Front Upper Control Arms - 1x PFF36-103
    • MX5 NA NB Rear Lower Control Arms - 1x PFR36-110 and 1x PFR36-111
    • MX5 NA NB Rear Upper Control Arms (Eccentric upgrade only) - 2x PFR36-112
    • Nissan S-Chassis Front Lower Control Arms - 1x PRF46-201

    Are your control arms for drift use only?
    No, they're great for track as well. The arms themselves don’t make your car a drift car but they unlock far more adjustability compared to stock, so you’ll have more freedom when it comes to setting up your alignment.

    Where else can I buy Destroy or Die products?
    Our products are also available from Driftshop (EU), Drift HQ (US), Driftworks and BOFI Racing (UK). We are aware that multiple stores list our products on their websites however, the stores listed here are the official suppliers of Destroy or Die products.


      When will my order arrive?
      We cannot guarantee when untracked or international orders will arrive, but we do send all orders as soon as possible. You can let us know if you are in a rush and we will do our best to accommodate you. However we are a small team, so please be patient.

      What is my tracking number?
      You will only have a tracking number if you selected tracked delivery. You will find your number in your shipping confirmation email.

      Can I pay in a different currency?
      Yes. You can pay in multiple currencies including GBP, EUR, USD and AUD.

      Can I collect my order in person?
      No, but we offer worldwide delivery!

      Can I change my shipping address?
      Yes, as long as we haven't already sent your order. Please send us your updated details, and include your order number. If we have already sent your order to the incorrect address which you supplied, you will be liable to pay the additional shipping cost for us to resend your order.


      Can you sponsor me?
      We will consider it! Send sponsor requests to Please include some information about yourself and why we should sponsor you. We will also need links to your social media channels and examples of how you will help generate business for us in return for sponsoring you. Due to the volume of messages we receive we're not able to reply to every submission, sorry!