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Mazda MX5 Miata NC / RX8 Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms and Front Super Knuckles

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FLCA Features:

  • Fit all NC & RX8 models - (FLCA & Knuckles must be fitted together).
  • Additional camber adjustment separate from factory adjustment allows optimum caster and camber settings.
  • Massive wheel clearance compared to stock arms for increased steering angle.
  • Widens track by at least 25mm per side - up to 100mm overall added track width at full extension.
  • No trimming of chassis or bodywork is required at minimum track width (some arch rolling may be required with lower offset wheels).
  • Use OEM fit bushes - Add Powerflex bushes (1x PFF36-400 and 1x PFF36-401)
  • Use NA NB front lower ball joints - sold separately.

FSK Features:

  • Fit all NC & RX8 models - (FLCA & Knuckles must be fitted together).
  • Drift and Track settings are incorporated into the knuckle giving 2 options which are easily swapped between at the user's convenience.
  • 40mm of roll centre correction eliminates bump steer giving superb control and steering input.
  • Drift Setting - Massive steering angle combined with the 40mm roll centre correction makes fast, high-angle drifts precise and predictable - even for backwards entries!
  • Track Setting - 40mm roll centre correction but retains factory steering geometry for improved grip driving without the increased steering ratio.
  • Use OEM wheel bearings.
  • ABS compatible.


  • 2x Front Lower Control Arms
  • 2x Front Super Knuckles


  • Extended tie rods are required when extending the track width for NC - Buy HERE.
  • NA NB MX5 lower ball joints are required - Not included in this kit.
  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage or injury caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.