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Radiator Cap - Maruha

by Maruha
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High-quality retro-JDM style radiator caps by Japanese manufacturer Maruha.

Available in 3 Pressure ratings:

  • 0.9 Bar for daily use
  • 1.1 Bar for track use and prolonged spirited driving
  • 1.3 Bar for heavy track use and prolonged hard driving

These caps feature a silicone sealing ring which provides a longer-lasting seal compared to the OEM cap made with natural rubber.

A higher-pressure radiator cap will increase the pressure in the coolant system before allowing the coolant to expand into the expansion tank. By keeping the coolant at a higher pressure - the boiling point is raised, therefore increasing cooling efficiency.


  • Mk1, Mk2 & 2.5 models of MX5 / Miata
  • MK3 MX5 / Miata


  • The old rubber hoses on the engine may be crusty and perished and may be more prone to failure from a higher-pressure cooling system. 
  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.