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BMW E8X/E9X Drift Angle Kit Plug & Play

by CNC71
Original price £878.60 - Original price £949.86
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£878.60 - £949.86
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  • This is a complete set that increases the steering angle of the BMW E9X/E8X series (BMW E8X 1M / E9X M3 option available).
  • The set is based on the adapters of the original steering knuckles, thanks to which the assembly is simple and does not require any interference with the braking system or the vehicle body.
  • Adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high-quality finish and 100% matching of the adapter to the knuckle and pin ends. The material from which the adapters are made is 7075 aluminium, which has the strength of structural steel while maintaining a lower weight.
  • The swingarm is laser cut from structural steel and bent on a numerically controlled machine, equipped with uni-ball joints with conical mounting sleeves.
  • In addition, the set is equipped with high-quality wishbone pins as well as complete tie rods.
  • If you want to reduce the camber angle, which with the use of standard adjustable mounts (Camber plates) will be around 8-9 degrees, add CNC71 plates, which have a wider range of settings. Thanks to this, the tilt angle can be reduced to 4-5 degrees.
  • When assembling the set, you don't need to cut, weld, or grind, everything is assembled Plug & Play.
  • The set extends by 10cm per side. 60-63 degrees of twist can be achieved.
  • 1x Front left control arm
  • 1x Front right control arm
  • 1x Left crossover adapter
  • 1x Right crossover adapter
  • 10x Mounting screws
  • 2x Wishbone pins
  • 2x Complete steering rods
  • 4x High-quality uni-ball with mounting sleeves
  • 8x Uni-ball sleeves
  • 2x Adapter washers
  • Assembly instructions


  • The kit requires the removal of the front stabilizer bar from the vehicle and is intended for use during closed drifting events on secured facilities.
  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.
  • International shipping rates exclude any import duties/taxes/fees payable by the customer directly to the shipper prior to the release of goods.

Additional Information:

  • Brand: CNC71