BMW E30 (5x120) Angle Kit Plug & Play

BMW E30 (5x120) Angle Kit Plug & Play

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Complete Angle kit for BMW E30 (5x120) series.

The kit is based on original steering knuckle adapters, so the installation is simple and does not require any interference with the braking system or car’s body.

These adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high-quality finish and 100% matches the adapter to the steering knuckle and kingpin ends. The adapters are made of 7075 Aluminium, featuring the durability of structural steel while a fraction of the weight.

The steel arm is laser cut and CNC folded and comes with high-quality ball joints pre-installed.

The kit includes quality ball joints, tie rods, rod ends and polyurethane lollipop bushes.

Camber adjustable top-mounts are needed for using the kit - Most aftermarket coilovers will have camber adjustable top mounts included so if you have coilovers fitted you may already have them. Scroll down for a discounted bundle offer including HSD's with camber adjustable top mounts!

Camber will be around 4-5 degrees after fitting this kit.

There is no need to cut, weld, or grind during the installation – As this is a PLUG & PLAY kit, everything is bolt-on and therefore is also fully reversible, should you want to return the car to stock.

The customised lock kit for the BMW E46 series includes:

  • 1x Front LEFT arm
  • 1x Front RIGHT arm
  • 1x Front LEFT arm adapter
  • 1x Front RIGHT arm adapter
  • 2x Rack spacers
  • 2x Lollipop Polybush
  • 2x Tie rods
  • 2x Inner Ball Joints
  • 2x Outer Ball Joints
  • 6x Fasteners

Operating manual included.

The kit is not for public road use.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm