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Adjustable Camber Plates BMW E36/E46/E8X/E9X

by CNC71
Original price £154.15 - Original price £237.29
Original price
£154.15 - £237.29
Current price £154.15
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Basic Adjustment: Adjust the front wheel geometry within +/- 3 degrees from the stock position.
Increased Adjustment: Adjust the inclination angle and the front wheel pivot angle up to +/- 6 degrees from the standard position. This is the maximum that can be achieved without modifying the cup while maintaining the possibility of adjustment.

  • 3D camber plates for BMW E36/E46/E90/E39 designed by CNC71 Motorsport.
  • Made of 7075 aluminium, 15mm thick.
  • Maintenance-free GE20UK bearings ensure failure-free operation in difficult conditions.
  • The spacing of the mounting holes around the entire circumference of the plate allows for correction/modification of the geometry of the car's front suspension to a very large extent.
  • The nuts used with a serrated stop surface prevent it from unscrewing itself from the socket.
  • The simplicity of the design allows for trouble-free installation and easy adjustment.
  • The set includes stainless steel spacer sleeves. Thanks to its length, the lower sleeve prevents collision with the spring plate at large shock absorber deflections. The upper sleeve serves as a nut, which helps avoid problems with too short a threaded connection.
  • The neat and simple design will fit perfectly into any engine compartment.
  • The product is made entirely on CNC machines
  • Anti-corrosion resistance ensured by the use of stainless steel, powder coating of steel elements and anodising of aluminium elements.
  • 2x Adjustable Camber Plates


  • Before purchasing, please check whether the included bushings will fit your shock absorber (see photos). In case of problems, please contact us to select the appropriate dimensions.
  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic is strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.
  • International shipping rates exclude any import duties/taxes/fees payable by the customer directly to the shipper prior to the release of goods.

Additional Information:

  • Brand: CNC71

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