Mazda MX5 Miata NC / RX8 Front Angle Kit - PRE-ORDER - 20% OFF Black Friday!

Mazda MX5 Miata NC / RX8 Front Angle Kit - PRE-ORDER - 20% OFF Black Friday!

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We're so sick and tired of everyone asking when the NC/RX8 Angle kit will be released that we're giving in to peer pressure and opening Pre-orders for Black Friday!

Once again, this is a PRE-ORDER which means these kits are not currently in stock so you will need to wait for them to be made. We don't have a deadline because it's almost Christmas and we will be closing down over the holiday period along with our material suppliers, which slows down production and makes it very difficult to set a release date. Realistically you won't receive the kits until January and no, we don't mean 00:01 am on Jan 1st, but we will dispatch sooner if we can.

Pre-orders are open for a limited time only during Black Friday/Cyber Monday so be quick!


  • Fit all NC & RX8 models - direct bolt-on.
  • 40mm of roll centre correction eliminates bump steer giving superb control and steering input - It also lowers the car by 40mm so you can ride low without the funky control arm angles!
  • Massive steering angle combined with the roll centre correction make fast, high-angle drifts precise and predictable - even for backward entries!
  • No increase in weight over standard knuckles.
  • The FLCA uses NA & NB ball joints as the factory NC FLCA does not use a removable part. No longer requiring an entirely new FLCA when a ball joint is worn out.


  • 1x Pair of Front Superknuckles (LH&RH)
  • 1x Pair of Front Lower Arms (LH&RH) & Lower Damper Bush
  • 1x Pair of Front Upper Arms (LH&RH)
  • 1x Pair of Extended Tie Rods

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  • Fitting by an experienced mechanic strongly recommended. Destroy Or Die are not responsible for any damage caused due to incorrect fitting or assembly.
  • Not for road use.