• Image of Super Knuckle Super Combo
  • Image of Super Knuckle Super Combo
  • Image of Super Knuckle Super Combo

Fit NA and NB models


40mm of roll centre correction eliminating bump steer and giving excellent steering and suspension response.

Huge steering angle (up to 65 degrees when fitted in conjunction with rack spacers) - Even more angle and less ackerman than our modified knuckles. Several backwards entries pulled off with our test drivers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3H4oyGR6-4

While these are a direct bolt on part for a standard MX5/Miata, it is very likely you'll need our lower arms to allow room for the wheel to turn through its full range of motion.

Same weight as standard knuckles.

Keeping costs down by using your standard ball joints, rod ends and bearings.

No ABS mounting points.

No dust plate mounting points.

Keep in mind these will lower the front of the car by a further 40mm once fitted.

The Rear Superknuckle for MX5 / Miata features 30mm of roll centre correction and dual caliper mounting points to run a standalone hydraulic handbrake in stead of an inline hydro.

OEM compatible - Brake upgrades should fit these the same as they would on a factory knuckle - Whilst we can't see of any reason why aftermarket calipers wouldn't fit, we cannot guarantee that there will never be any issues due to the sheer number of aftermarket brake options on the market.

When fitting additional calipers, the left and right hand calipers should be fitted on their opposing side with the bleed nipple at the top.

OEM wheel bearings and bushes compatible - We don't recommend using cheap bearings as the material quality and tolerances aren't always as good as OEM replacements.

As always we strongly recommend any of our parts are fitted by a qualified mechanic as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused due to improper fitting.


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