• Image of S-Chassis Steering Angle Upgrades

Super Angle Drift Kit for S-Chassis

Included in the kit:
Roll Centre Corrected modified knuckles
Subframe with relocated rack mounts
Extended and notched LCA's with adjustable lock stops.
Driftworks Offset/Kinked Tension Rods
Extended Inner Tie Rods

Up to 70 degrees of steering angle!

Knuckle Features:
60mm Roll Centre Correction Eliminates Bump Steer giving the car beautifully responsive steering.

Low Ackerman gives a fast drift with little drag from the trailing tyre. We prefer this to a 0 ackerman angle as we think it leaves the steering feeling a little numb and shopping trolley-ish.

Subframe Features:
Rack mounts moved forward to prevent over-centering of the rack on full lock. Additionally we recommend fitting adjustable tension rods (driftworks ETC) and pulling the arm forward to increase you caster angle as much as possible too. (Don't bother with offset rack spacers or kinked rod ends. Offset spacers will destroy your rack and kinked rod ends like the ones D-Max have just released simply don't work and are just a gimmick.

LCA Features:
Extended and notched to give good lead tyre contact when at angle while allowing room for the tie rod to turn far enough and make the most out of the angle.

Driftworks Tension Rod Features:
A pair of steel adjustable front tension rods for Nissan S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Z32 rear wheel drive models. (For GTR models please see GTR Tension Rods)
These allow for a wide range of caster adjustment – increasing and decreasing caster can alter turn-in aggression, mid-corner feel and ease of control (especially useful on drift cars).

Our Geomaster Tension Rods have been designed to give greater wheel clearance on full lock - perfect for those with wide wheels and large amounts of steering angle.

Please note that OEM S13 and R32 front lower arms will require slight ovaling on one of the tension rod holes (each side) in order to fit these tension rods.


Perfect for throwing huge angle drifts and pulling off backward entries.

To receive discount off your original purchase you may supply or exchange your OEM subframe and LCA's provided they are in use-able condition.