Trump - (read in his voice)

'Listen, we all love drifting, don't we? Now, I know what you're thinking, "Donald, you don't even drift", but lemme tell you folks, I pick out wheels like no other, tremendous fitment. People call me and they say, "Donald, your fitment is the smoothest and your lows are simply the best". But there's a big, big problem, I gotta say folks. Chyna is pumping out low cars, and it's absolutely killing our driftconomy. And if you look at Hillary Clinton, she's always drifting sideways with her wisefabs, destroying our good fitments. And her husband, Bill Clinton, signed the "funcional drifting" bill, (the worst bill ever signed by the way), that destroyed the sweet style of our drift cars. I have a panel of five drifters that are coming forward to say that the Clintons made them raise their car height for "better performance". And to anyone who says that I used to have massive wheel gap, I'm going to sue you in the first 100 days I get into office, because you're a liar. And lemme tell you folks, when I get into office, we're going to destroy bad fitment. Every drift car will get unending lows, I promise ya folks. I'm going to build a big, beautiful wall exclusively with the frozen tears of drivers with more than 2 fingers of clearance, and make them pay for it. We're going to win, and we're going to do it bigly. We're going to make drift cars low again.'

- Dino Matić